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Classes A & B Combined - Bay Courses - Time limit, 3 Hours
CSE Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4
1 N (A),(H),(D),B,C,B,C,W,S,(P),(A) (H),(D),(C),S,(P),(A) (H),(D),(P),(A) (H),(D),(P),(A)
2 NE (A),(H),(D),(B),(D),(S),(P),(A) (H),(D),(B),(D),(S),(P),(A) (H),(D),(P),(A)  
3 E LW (A),(H),(D),(C),(D),(W),S,(P),(A) (H),(D),(C),S,(P),(A) (H),(D),(P),(A)  
4 E HW (A),(H),(C),(B),(A) (H),(C),(B),(A) (H),(B),(A) (H),(D),(P),(A)
5 SE (A),(H),(D),(C),(A) (H),(D),(C),(A) (H),(D),(S),(A) (H),(D),(S),(A)
6 S LW (A),(H),(D),(H),(D),(P),(A) (H),(D),(H),(D),(P),(A) (H),(D),(P),(A)  
7 S LW (A),(H),(D),(S),(P),(S),(W),(A) (H),(D),(S),(P),(S),(W),(A) (H),(D),(S),(P),(A)  
8 W LW A,P,(D),(C),D,(S),H,A P,(S),(C),W,H,A P,D,H,A P,D,H,A
9 W HW A,B,S,H,A B,S,H,A P,S,D,H,A P,S,D,H,A
10 NW LW A,P,(D),(W),B,D,H,A P,(D),(W),B,D,H,A D,H,A  
11 NW HW A,P,C,D,H,A P,C,H,A P,W,D,H,A S,D,H,A
12 W'ly A,W,D,H,A W,D,H,A P,S,H,A P,S,H,A
13 E'ly (A),(H),(D),(W),(A) (H),(D),(W),(A) (H),(S),(P),(A) (H),(S),(P),(A)
14 SW (A),(H),(D),P,(S),B,W,(A) (H),(D),P,(S),B,W,(A) (H),(D),(P),(A)  
15 N or S A,P,(S),B,C,D,H,A P,(S),B,C,D,H,A P,S,D,H,A  
16 N or NE (A),(H),(D),P,(W),B,S,H,A P,D,H,A P,D,H,A  
17 SE A,C,H,A,P,W,H,A C,H,A,P,W,H,A P,S,H,A  
Classes A & B Combined - Light Wind Bay Courses  - Time limit, 3 Hours
CSE Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4 Lap 5
18 Lt/N (A),(H),(D),(S),(P),(A) (D),(S),(P),(A) (H),(D),(P),(A) (H),(S),(P),(A) (P),(A)
19 Lt/E HW (A),(H),(S),(B),(A) (H),(S),(B),(A) (H),(S),(P),(A) (H),(S),(P),(A) (H),(S),(P),(A)
20 Lt/E (A),(H),(S),(P),(A) (H),(S),(P),(A) (H),(P),(A) (H),(S),(P),(A) (H),(P),(A)
21 Lt/S (A),(H),(D),(S),(A) (H),(D),(S),(A) (H),(S),(P),(A) (H),(S),(A) (H),(S),(A)
22 Lt/S A,P,S,D,H,A P,D,H,A P,D,H,A D,H,A D,H,A
23 Lt/W HW A,B,S,H,A B,S,H,A P,S,H,A P,H,A P,H,A
24 Lt/W A,P,S,D,H,A P,S,D,H,A P,D,H,A P,D,H,A P,H,A
25 Lt/N A,P,S,H,A P,S,H,A S,H,A P,S,H,A S,H,A
00 Course to be announced on the water via VHF CH37/M/M1 and/or on Committee boat vessel 

WYC Coastal Courses

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